A Limited Run / Special Edition "Big Box" version of the Big Green housed in a Custom American Made 18 Gauge Steel Enclosure featuring:

  • Handmade SRC Effects Knobs

  • Film Capacitors + Metal Film Resistors

  • Internal 3 Voice Midrange Control

  • Handwired Mammoth Electronics 'Pro' 3PDT

  • Top Mounted Jacks

  • 9V DC Power Or Included 9V Battery To DC Adapter


               SOLD OUT


Is this the same as the original "Map" version of the Big Green?

The component values are slightly different than the original "Map" Big Green but more importantly the component selection and construction methods of this version are even higher quality than the previous version.

Will this be a permanent pedal in the line?

This is a small run limited edition that will only be available while supply lasts. Pedals are in stock and ready to ship unless otherwise indicated.