A Limited Run / Special Edition "Top Jack" version of the Klone V2 featuring:

  • Top Mounted Neutrik Jacks

  • American Made Oxblood Dakaware Knobs

  • Handwired Carling Footswitch

  • Smoother Volume Pot Taper

  • 9V DC Power Or Included 9V Battery To DC Adapter

Expected Return: August 2019
               SOLD OUT


Is this the same as the current version of the Klone V2?

The component values and circuit board are exactly the same as the current version but in addition to the premium off-board components (Neutrik Jacks, Dakaware Knobs, and a Carling Footswitch), the volume pot has been changed for a smoother taper throughout it's entire range.

Will this be a permanent pedal in the line?

As of now this is a small run limited availability edition that will only be available while supply lasts. An extremely small batch of pedals are in stock and ready to ship unless otherwise indicated.